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Gastric Bypass

Gastric bypass has a long track record as an exceedingly safe and effective weight loss surgery. It is performed laparoscopically with minimal post operative pain. Patients usually stay 1-2 nights in the hospital and can return to work in a week as long as it does not require strenuous activity. Gastric bypass involved dividing the stomach to create a small stomach "pouch". A portion of the intestine is divided and connected to the stomach pouch. This also results in a small segment of intestine being bypassed; meaning food does not travel through it. With the small stomach pouch, patients can only comfortably eat a small meal, so caloric intake is drastically reduced and patients lose weight. Because a portion of the intestine is bypassed, metabolic changes occur which can literally cure diabetes overnight. Nutritional deficiencies can also occur so patients must take common supplements such as a multi-vitamin, vitamin B-12, calcium, and sometimes iron or other vitamins for the rest of their lives.

Complications can occur. The most common are ulcers (5%), narrowing of the connection between the stomach and intestine (anastamotic stricture, 4%) and post-operative bleeding(1%).

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