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Don't have insurance coverage to pay for your surgery? Or maybe you don't want to go through the ridiculous insurance requirements which may delay your surgery for the better part of the year? Perhaps your BMI is too low for insurance to pay for weight-loss surgery. If so, you should consider paying for sleeve gastrectomy yourself, so called self-pay, private pay, or cash pay. How much is gastric sleeve surgery (vertical sleeve gastrectomy)? $9,990* is the all-inclusive price for outpatient sleeve gastrectomy. The all-inclusive, self-pay, cash price for the Gastric Band is $10,900. The self-pay, cash price for Gastric Bypass is $21,835.

Your surgery will be done by the Board Certified, Center of Excellence surgeons of Alabama Weight Loss Surgery. They are Alabama's finest and most experienced gastric sleeve surgeons. If you chose outpatient surgery, it will be performed at Outpatient Services East Ambulatory Surgery Center located on the campus of St. Vincent’s East Hospital. This outstanding facility was the first freestanding surgery center in Alabama to be accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations. Dr. Miles and Dr. Schmitt's team at OSE include highly experienced nurses and Board Certified anesthesiologists who have been on their bariatric team for years. Their services are included in the package price.

But before you get to the OR, you will consult with your surgeon who will evaluate your suitability for the surgery. Communication is easy with our surgeons who will listen to your and your family's concerns and answer all your questions in everyday language and not in medical jargon. At this time, a plan will be developed to ensure that you are in the best condition for the procedure and our staff will then assist you on every step of your journey to the OR.

The long-term weight loss success enjoyed by our patients depends on knowledge of proper nutrition. Therefore you will meet with the bariatric nutritionist prior to surgery. Written materials will be provided so there will be no confusion over your post-operative diet. Six weeks after your surgery you will have a follow-up meeting with the nutritionist, and this too, is included in the package price.

These low prices include a special benefit: complication protection. Complications are rare, but when your surgery is done with us, you have financial protection against costs that may arise from specific complications. As you search for your surgeon, ask others if they offer this important peace of mind protection. Ask our office or your surgeon about the specifics of this coverage.

While your surgery can be a one day affair, we will be your weight-loss partner for years to come. Dr. Miles and Dr. Schmitt have been in the same location in Birmingham, Alabama since they completed their training and entered private practice. You can count on them and on their program which has been developed and refined in over a decade of service to obese patients. Don't trust your health to inferior surgeons. You can afford the best.

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*$9,990 gastric sleeve price is all-inclusive with a 30-day complication protection. Please talk to our office about our 90-day complication protection rate.


Cash Price INCLUDES:

  • Complication Protection
  • Surgeon Fee
  • Assistant Surgeon Fee
  • Anesthesiologist Fee
  • Surgery Center Facility Charges
  • One Nutrition Class
  • EKG

Benefits of Self-Pay:

  • You can have the surgery with a lower BMI. Insurance never pays for weight-loss surgery if the BMI is less than 35. With self-pay, you can have sleeve gastrectomy with a BMI as low as 30.
  • No long wait for your surgery. Let's face it, your insurance company wants to collect your monthly premiums but does not want to pay for your healthcare. Therefore they establish numerous burdensome and usually silly and useless requirements that you must fulfill before they will pay for your surgery. For example, currently Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama requires you to complete a seven-month diet attempt under the supervision of your doctor before they will pay. Don't want to deal with the long wait and other insurance hassles? Consider private pay.
  • No minimum age requirement. Almost no insurance will pay for weight-loss surgery for patients under the age of 18. This is unfortunate because the surgery is safe for adolescents and it works. We have operated on dozens of such patients and we can help you too.

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