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While there is nothing better than weight loss surgery to help a person lose significant weight and keep it off, we know that some patients will suffer weight regain. Most of the time this is because the patient is making poor food choices.

Weight loss surgery is a tool, not a miracle. Of course you will have to make reasonable food choices for the rest of your life to maintain your success. No operation can prevent weight gain if you are over consuming alcohol, ice cream, junk foods, candy, colas and sweets. Yet a few patients have good food habits and still regain weight. For those patients we can offer revisional surgery. Patients with bands can be converted to a sleeve gastrectomy or gastric bypass. Gastric bypass patients can have gastric bands applied to give them renewed restriction.

If you are struggling with weight regain and would like to explore these options, please call our office at 205-838-3047 for an appointment or use our contact us page.

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