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Alabama Weight Loss Surgery now offers the safe, effective, FDA-approved Orbera intragastric balloon!

We all deserve some help losing weight. You've seen the amazing success our patients have had after weight-loss surgery, but you don't qualify with your low BMI, and now they are smaller than you! You need some help like they had! We can help. We offer the Orbera intragastric balloon, which is a complete twelve-month managed weight-loss system. The Orbera balloon has been in use for over two decades and has helped hundreds of thousands of patients breakthrough their weight-loss barriers and lose weight.

What is it?
A 12 month managed weight-loss program that includes placement and removal of the Orbera intragastric balloon. The Orbera balloon was specifically designed in response to a 1987 Obesity Congress to answer the question: what is the ideal intragastric balloon? The Orbera intragastric balloon used by Alabama Weight Loss Surgery is a smooth, spherical silicone balloon. It is filled with saline solution and has a wide fill volume range. It is made to be visible on x-rays and to be placed in your stomach for a maximum of six months.

How does it work?
The Orbera intragastric balloon system has been proven over the past 20 years in more than 80 countries and has been the subject of over 230 peer-reviewed publications. The exact mechanism of action is unclear but it is hypothesized that the gastric balloon works in several ways. It seems to delay gastric emptying, keeping you feeling full longer. It reduces your intragastric volume so you get full faster, with less food. Furthermore, it is felt that the balloon stimulates baroreceptors in your stomach. These "stretch" receptors then send signals to your brain, specifically your hypothalamus, telling you that you are full. It is very important to note that the Orbera balloon is only part of a program offered by Alabama Weight Loss . It is used in conjunction with a long term supervised diet and behavior modification program. The program last 12 months and the maximum placement for the Orbera intragastric balloon is six months.

Who can get the Orbera intragastric balloon?
You are a candidate for Alabama Weight Loss surgeons to place the Orbera balloon if your BMI is 27 to 40. The FDA has approved the Orbera intragastric balloon system for obese patients with a BMI of 30 to 40. The surgeons at Alabama Weight Loss believe it works just as well for lower BMI patients and will use it on those with a BMI of 27 to 30 as well. It is intended for adults who have already tried the usual weight reduction alternatives such as diet and exercise.

Who are not candidates?
The Orbera intragastric balloon system is for adults. Some adults cannot have the Orbera. The Orbera intragastric balloon is not for you if:
You have had prior stomach or intestinal surgery or bariatric surgery. It is not for patients with: a large hiatal hernia, greater than 5 cm or intractable gastroesophageal reflux symptoms, structural abnormality in the esophagus or pharynx such as stricture or diverticulum, achalasia or any other severe dysmotility disorder, gastric mass, inflammatory disease of the G.I. tract, potential upper G.I. bleeding conditions, severe coagulopathy. Orbera is contraindicated in patients receiving aspirin, anti-inflammatory agents, anticoagulants or other stomach irritants. Other contraindications include: serious or uncontrolled psychiatric illness or disorder that could compromise patient understanding of or compliance with follow-up visits and removal of the device after six months; alcohol or drug addiction; patients unwilling to participate in an established medically supervised diet and behavior modification program, with routine follow-up; patients who are known to be pregnant or breast-feeding; hepatic insufficiency or cirrhosis; presence of more than one intragastric balloon at one time; any other condition that would not permit elective endoscopy; patient is known to have or suspected to have an allergic reaction to materials in Orbera.

What are some of the possible complications of the
Orbera intragastric balloon?

The Obera balloon is generally considered very safe, but there is no medical procedure that is absolutely free of possible complications and it is no exception. To have the balloon place, you must undergo endoscopy, so the risks of the Orbera system includes the risks associated with that procedure and those associated with the medications and methods used in that procedure. Possible complications include, but are not limited to: intestinal or esophageal obstruction by the balloon, insufficient or no weight loss, adverse health consequences resulting from weight loss, gastric discomfort, continuing nausea and vomiting, abdominal or back pain, gastroesophageal reflux, influence on digestion of food, blockage of food entering the stomach, bacterial or fungal growth in the fluid of the balloon, injury to the lining of the digestive tract, gastric or esophageal perforation, and balloon deflation and subsequent replacement.

How much does the Orbera managed weight-loss system cost?
For a limited time the price of the Orbera intragastric balloon and a 12 month managed weight-loss program is only $6,499. This is an all-inclusive price that includes placement and removal of the balloon. Note: The balloon must be removed after six months. This price includes the endoscopy facility fee and anesthesia fee. Also included are 12 monthly one-on-one visits with your personal Orbera dietitian and 12 group sessions with your Orbera coach, and online and app-based weight tracking as well as picture-based meal tracking: just snap a picture of your meal and send it to your coach.

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